the kid uses one of those “ura cutie” pick up lines on zulf and zulf slaps him across the face and storms off

i just want to say thank you to everyone who leaves nice tags on the things i post, whether it’s headcanons or writing or any kind of semi-thoughtful post, i just really appreciate all the nice things people say

so really thank you everyone!! you’re all really great

I really want overly-protective-father-figure Zulf to watch over Zia and worry about her and her life choices. He wants to teach her manners and how to be a lady and not to date the Kid and other important things.

Zia is like “jeez Zulf when’d you become my dad” but she really appreciates it and is really happy she finally had a father. She’s never had anyone care for her before and especially not in a fatherly way so it really means a lot to her.

Basically they’re both precious babies who really love and care about each other.


Also been playing Bastion lately, I just finished the bastion seige and I was pissed that Jonah (my squirt) and Terrance (my Pecker) got killed by the Ura; only Lucy made it ;_;


Drawing a little random stuff. Zia from Bastion.

Questionwarlock rucks likes to change ghost zulf's clothing from stripes to spots just to mess with him and zulf gets REALLY SUPER OFFENDED and keeps rucks from sleeping for the next few days Answer

ur headcanons are too perfect for this world

Questionif we're doing supernatural bastion hcs, werewolf kid always sleeps curled up and he likes to lie down with his head in people's laps Answer

ugh no that’s too adorable i can’t handle this help me

Questionokay i haven't slept all fucking night and i've been thinking about werewolf kid and i have a hella stupid/cute headcannon: he doesn't have a tail in human form but he still wiggles when he's really happy Answer

oh no that’s too adorable, oh no, i can’t handle this, oh no